Boost Your HVAC’s Function Without Replacing It: 3 Easy Add-Ons

You don’t have to replace your air conditioning unit to get better or more convenient air conditioning systems. Add-ons or tools that modify your existing system can give you individual advantages that are missing from your current HVAC. A modular approach to maintaining your HVAC helps you save money and gives you only the tools you want. Here are three crucial functions your traditional HVAC could use:

Boost Your HVAC's Function Without Replacing It: 3 Easy Add-Ons

Add a humidifier/dehumidifier.

Too much humidity is bad for your house. Enclosed spaces like bathrooms that have a lot of hot, moist air can easily develop mold and mildew without proper circulation. Your whole house can also become a bit too damp for comfort in the middle of the rainy season, and a dehumidifier can help clear up the air. But sometimes a bit of controlled humidity can help. In the winter, the air already tends to be drier. When it’s artificially heated, it loses even more essential moisture, which can dry out your skin and make winter colds feel even worse. Look for an add-on that can both humidify and dehumidify the air as needed.

A programmable thermostat.

Smart air conditioning systems are becoming more and more popular. You can get the bulk of the functionality just by switching out your thermostat. Once you can program your thermostat around your schedule, you can reduce your energy bill. Power down your air conditioning and heating (still within safe margins for your house) while everyone is out of the house.

A ventilator.

Your home needs airflow. Double-paned windows and air-tight seals are great for keeping out moisture and pests, and doors with durable weatherstripping stop air leaks. But ventilation helps improve your home’s air quality. It helps pump out mold spores, toxins, and airborne food particles. A ventilator can help give you controlled ventilation that doesn’t expose your home to any of the problems you want to keep out.

These add-ons can augment your existing system so you have precisely the functionality you want. Go to Tri County Air Care to find technicians who can safely install your new devices.