Four Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

While summer is several months away, you should start thinking about getting your air conditioner ready now.  Avoid potential problems during the summer by following these spring maintenance tips:

Four Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner

Clear any debris around your air conditioner

Air conditioner units work best when they have several feet of space around them.  You may have ignored lawn maintenance during the winter, but spring is the time to get back on track.  Make sure to trim any trees branches or bushes that are getting too close to your air conditioner.  Remove all nearby debris.

Check your air conditioner filters

You might have ignored this during the winter, but now is the time to start up again.  Changing your filter regularly ensures better air quality in your house.  If you haven’t changed your filter since the fall, change it as soon as possible.  Also, come up with a schedule to regularly change your filter.  You might want to do it on the first day of each month, but come up with a schedule that works for you.

Decide if you need to replace your air conditioner

If you are considering replacing your air conditioning unit, now is the time to do it.  If you think your unit is worn down or is too small for your house, talk to us about your options.  If you are going to make the change, do it before you need it this summer.

Schedule your yearly air conditioner inspection

You should get your air conditioner professionally inspected at least once a year.  The ideal time is in the spring.  This makes sure that your air conditioner is in proper working order during the summer.  In addition, if any parts need to be replaced or upgraded, you can get it done before the hottest days of summer.

Have questions about spring maintenance?  Contact us today!

If you have any questions or issues with your air conditioner, contact us today!  Our experienced technicians can inspect your system and handle any repairs.