Maintaining Your A/C Year Round

Maintaining Your A/C Year RoundYour air conditioner delivers important comfort during the seasons, especially throughout the summer helping to keep your home temperature and humidity levels comfortable. If your system is poorly maintained, it can procreate loud noises, and can lead to hearing loss. The sound levels are very similar when living in a big city, or by an airport, for a long period of time. To decrease these noises, you may want to consider having a professional AC Repair technician, to come out and fix your unit.

It is very important for your system to have the proper maintenance. The air conditioning system runs off of Freon. Without it, you can cause major problems such as burning the systems motor or causing ice to form. This could lead to your system catching on fire or having permanently damages. We suggest you to have a repairman to maintain your unit yearly.

Every year, your A/C unit shall be maintained. An HVAC technician checks all of the vents, filters, wiring and makes sure that the connections are sustainable, clean, and free of debris. This would be a very good way of saving yourself money. It is better to pay for little damages rather than bigger ones.

An air conditioner clogged with debris from a dirty air filter won’t operate as well as it should. Your unit will need to work even harder and would be an unpleasant situation for your wallet.

To have your A/C unit maintained properly and properly service, please contact Tri County Heat & Air.  We will be glad to assist you.