Using Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity

We all know that humidity makes a warm day feel even hotter.  When working properly, your air conditioner will help reduce humidity and make your home feel even cooler.   Here are several ways that you can reduce humidity in your home.

Using Your Air Conditioner to Reduce Humidity


Make sure your air conditioner is the right size: The right sized air conditioner will remove humidity from your home.  If it is too large for your house, the unit will never run long enough to remove humidity from the air.  If your unit is too small, it won’t be powerful enough to remove all the humidity. If you are thinking of replacing your air conditioner, make sure you buy the right size for your house.

Use a dehumidifier: Another way to remove humidity is to run a dehumidifier.  One option is a portable dehumidifier, which can remove humidity from the air while your air condition is running.  Depending on the type of humidifier, the size of your house, and how effective your air conditioner is, you may need to use multiple units.  If you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can have a dehumidifier installed as part of your air conditioning unit.

Run ventilation fans: If you have ventilation fans in your kitchen or bathroom, run them when you are showering or cooking.  These tasks create extra humidity and ventilation fans will reduce any humidity coming from these sources.

Make sure your system is properly maintained:  inefficient air conditioners will have trouble removing humidity from your house. Clean or replace your air conditioner filter every month to make sure it’s working properly.  Also, make sure you have your unit inspected and serviced regularly, and don’t wait to make repairs.

If you want to make sure your AC is working properly, contact us today.  Our trained technicians will make sure your air conditioning unit working as efficiently as possible.