3 Frequent Heating Repair Issues

The cold weather during winter requires that you prepare adequately for it. One indispensable thing that must be in good working order is your heating system. Continue reading to discover some common heating repair problems that may curtail your comfort.

3 Frequent Heating Repair Issues

Malfunctioning Heating System’s Fan

One common issue is when the heating system’s fan stops spinning, yet it’s for cooling the compressor. Note that you cannot run your heat pump without a functional fan. Troubleshoot the problem, which could be the blower compartment door that’s not fully shut, wrong settings on the thermostat, dirty air filters, or faulty circuit breakers. Adjust the root cause accordingly, say, closing the door well or correcting the thermostat settings. If nothing works, it’s time to find professional help.

Cold Instead Of Warm Air From Furnace

When your furnace is on yet the thermostat temperature does not budge, you could have a heating repair problem. Some causes of the cold air blowing are large duct leaks, shut gas valves, reduced heating fuel, or damaged ignition. A professional can help you identify the leaks and seal them. They will also address any other cause of the cold air.

Clogged Air Filters

Your heating system will not perform optimally if the filters are clogged and dirty, as the furnace cannot circulate air well. The reasons for this include the presence of pets, possible pollution in your environment, the type of air filter in your heating unit, and the air quality you desire for your home. Cleaning the dirt unclogs them but if there are objects, such as sawdust or pests, in the duct system, consider professional help in their removal.

Get Immediate Help

Though some heating repair issues require a simple component replacement or minor tweaks, others call for urgent repair by a professional.  At Tri County Air Care, we offer heating repair services at budget-friendly rates. Our competent team of technicians will help you confirm the main cause of your heating system’s problems. They will also suggest appropriate measures. Contact us today for all your heating repair problems and maintenance.