3 Reasons to Find an HVAC Contractor Instead of Making Your Own Repairs

With all of the DIY television shows and informational posts about how to repair things around the house, it can be tempting to take a crack at your malfunctioning A/C yourself. But air conditioners are one of the most complex systems in your house, and even general appliance repair technicians usually need a special license to make repairs. If something is going wrong with your air conditioner, call in an HVAC contractor instead of doing DIY repairs because:

3 Reasons to Find an HVAC Contractor Instead of Making Your Own Repairs

1. Most ‘symptoms’ can have multiple causes.

One of the most common signs of a problem with your HVAC is a dripping sound. But that can mean everything from a cracked pan to dirty condenser coils. More complex problems, like low airflow or slow temperature changes, can be even harder to find the root cause of, and DIY solutions that treat the symptoms just mask the real problem. Call in a contractor who can find the real malfunction and tune up your machine along the way.

2. Problems get worse even if the visible problems are masked.

Most of the bumps, bangs, and drips HVAC units make are the only warning sign you get when something is going wrong. More frequent cycles and less responsive air control can also tip you off, but they’re harder to measure. If you tape up the hole in the drip pan or amp up your thermostat in response to low control, then the problem will linger on unnoticed. And because the things that drew your attention to the air conditioner in the first place are no longer as apparent, you might not remember the problem until a greater malfunction.

3. DIY repairs might invalidate your warranty.

Appliances and HVAC warranties have very specific wording about who is allowed to repair the products. Some manufacturers only allow company-certified mechanics, while others just require professional licensure. But doing the work on your own could leave you holding the entire bill for replacement if something goes wrong. If the problem goes all the way into your electrical system, then too much investigation could also start to counteract part of your home insurance policy.

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