5 Problem Noises You May Hear From Your Heater

What’s that loud noise? It turns out it’s your heater. There are many reasons why your heater could be making noise. While a certain level of noise is normal, it can also be a sign that there is something wrong.  According to The Spruce and Den Garden, some common noises that may indicate your heater may be having trouble are: scraping, thumping, humming, squealing, banging, rumbling, whistling, and whooshing. If you are concerned about problem noises your heater is making, you should call and have it checked out.

5 Problem Noises You May Hear From Your Heater

Causes of Heater Noises

Scraping and Thumping

A loose or broken blower wheel or a broken motor mount can cause a scraping sound in your furnace. If these items become loose, they can hit against the sides and cause a scraping sound. As for thumping, an unbalanced blower wheel or motor can cause vibrations, which creates a thumping sound. Any of these things should be checked out by a professional.

Humming and Squealing

A loud transformer can cause humming in your heater and isn’t a cause for concern. However, a bad interior fan or capacitor can also cause humming, which needs to be checked out. Squealing can be caused by a loose fan belt or not enough lubrication. If it is just a lubrication issue, it will be a quick fix.

Banging and Rumbling

The Spruce says, “The start-stop cycle of your heater fan can cause the sheet metal siding to bend inward, resulting in a banging or popping sound.” A low rumbling sound can indicate a problem with your burner. Make sure to get these checked out if you notice them occurring.

Whistling and Whooshing

Den Garden says that there are three main reasons why your heater may be whistling: dirty filter, gaps in the ducts, or ducts that are too small. If the filter is clogged, it can cause a whistling sound because the fan is trying to pull air from anywhere it can. A hole or gap in the ducts could cause whistling as the air passes through the hole. Ducts that are too small can cause suction issues. Den Garden also says that if you notice a loud whooshing sound coming from your vents, there may not be enough air coming through.

At Tri County Air Care, we want you to feel comfortable in your home. If you are concerned that your heater is making a noise it shouldn’t be, please contact us to come to take a look.