8 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our big list of reasons why your AC might need a little professional TLC. Last time we talked about low airflow, lack of cold, room distribution, and puddles as clear signs that your AC is ailing. Let’s pick up where we left off today at weird sounds that do not mean your AC is haunted.

8 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs (Part 2)

5) Unpleasant Mechanical Sounds

When you’re dealing with a machine that’s supposed to run almost silently, noise should always be alarming. While it’s true that many people can hear their AC turn on and shut off, that is the only thing you should hear. If you hear anything like grinding, thumping, or squealing, these are the sounds of a machine taking damage and you’ll want to act immediately.

6) Strange Smells From the Vents

There are two different kinds of bad smells that are likely to come from your AC vents and neither are a good sign. The first is a musty smell. If you smell this every time you turn on the air in your home, it’s likely that there is mold growing in your ductwork what will need to be cleaned promptly. However, if the smell is pungent and acrid, it could be that the AC’s wire insulation has burned, something that will need to be replaced quickly.

7) Your Home is Too Humid

Air conditioners often act as dehumidifiers because they pull moisture out of the air in the cooling process and blow dryer air. If your home is surprisingly humid lately, then there may be something wrong with the way your AC is running.

8) Increased Electric Bill

Finally, it’s important to watch for phantom signs of problems as well. Especially keep an eye on your power bill which includes the energy used by your HC. If there is a sudden spike in expenses, there may also be something wrong with your AC that will require repairs.

Whether your living in a self-owned home or you’re still renting, your comfort and ability to relax at home depends to a greater extent on the AC. If you notice any of these negative signs, call a professional and have your AC inspected promptly to avoid future problems or extensive damage. For more information about identifying and fixing problems with your air conditioner, please contact us today!