How to Start Knocking Dollars Off of Your Energy Bill

No matter what time of year it is, poor temperatures can make the whole house feel miserable. Even in the middle ground between spring and summer, the temperature might be getting too high to handle. Start implementing some energy- and money-saving measures now so you have a good routine ready for the heat.

How to Start Knocking Dollars Off of Your Energy Bill

Switch over your fans.

Your HVAC system should change the core temperature of your house. But that temperature isn’t necessarily what you feel on your skin. Not only does air flow unevenly through your house, it even redistributes in individual rooms with warm air along the ceiling and cooler air along the floorboards. Most of what we need to keep cool is airflow: new air pushes away the heat energy our bodies produce and makes us feel cooler regardless of the temperature. Make sure your fans are rotating the right way. The blades are tilted at an angle so there’s a ‘winter’ setting that pushes warm air down and a ‘summer’ setting that pushes air around.

Set your thermostat’s schedule to take sunset and sunrise into consideration.

Every house has a great deal of thermal mass. Thermal mass is the quality that makes objects retain heat for a while, like how a brick wall stays cool even after sunrise and stays warm after nightfall. Sunset and sunrise also dictate how people operate their own schedules of movement around the house. Give your HVAC a bit of a break during the late night and pre-dawn a.m., when nobody is moving around and the cooling effect of the night is at its highest.

A good HVAC system is often the only way to catch a break during the summer, no matter where you live. But if you make sure your home is in a position to make the most of ventilation and occasional cool air cycles, you don’t need the core temperature to be expensively cool. Go to Tri County Air Care to get more tips.