An HVAC Contractor’s Role in Your Comfort

With cold weather on the horizon, finding the right HVAC contractor is vital. From help with repairs and maintenance to the installation of a new furnace or heat pump, the experts at Tri County Air Care provide exceptional service for all aspects of residential and commercial heating.

An HVAC Contractor's Role in Your Comfort

Professional HVAC Maintenance for a Warm Winter

Often, issues with heat pumps and furnaces go unnoticed until something breaks. By that time, the failing component has already affected other parts around it, including the functionality of your system as a whole. On the other hand, when you schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system, elements of your equipment that are malfunctioning or worn get spotted and corrected before they become a problem. Heating maintenance is essential because it not only keeps your furnace or heat pump running well now, but it saves you a heap in repair costs and time lost down the road. We offer affordable maintenance programs, and every visit is customized to your home and heating needs.

Correct Installation Equals Comfort and Efficiency

Believe it or not, the most vital factor in heating is the way your new system is installed. That this step is done correctly is even more critical than the make, model, energy-efficiency rating, and all the desirable “bells and whistles” of your heat pump or furnace. Just like air conditioners, heaters need to be appropriately sized for the homes they’re heating. To do this properly, a professional HVAC contractor will take note of more than just square footage. We’ll take extensive measurements of many aspects of your home. We’ll also note how many family members you have, what building materials your home is made of, the direction it faces, how much sun it gets, how many windows you have, the positioning of your walls, and many more details. By installing a heater with the exact amount of power needed, you’ll get maximum heating capacity and the best energy-efficiency possible.

Tri County Air Care is a family-owned company that loves what we do. As your trusted HVAC contractor, we’ll get your heating system up and running and make sure you stay comfortable all winter long. Reach out to us today!