Your Heater Maintenance Tips

Your Heater Maintenance Tips

Your heater is a machine, so it needs regular tune-ups, or maintenance, to ensure that it continues functioning properly. There are certain things to make sure you do to extend the lifespan of your furnace.

Regular Maintenance

Before winter each year, you should have a professional come out to assess the state of your furnace. When they check it out, they will tell you whether it is functioning normally and will notice any glaring issues.

Change Filters

If your filters are not working at optimum capacity, you will have a couple of issues. One, your home will have more dust and other grimy particles floating throughout the home that aren’t being caught by the filter. Two, if your filter is clogged, this will cause your furnace to work overtime, which is not good for its longevity.

Inspect Ductwork

Along with the filter, your ductwork being clean and unobstructed is essential. Over time, dust and other dirt can accumulate in your ducts, and this can cause problems. If your ducts are blocked, this will make the furnace push even more warm air out to get it through. This can increase your furnace’s load, which is bad for its health and could push all the dirt and dust into your home.

Pay Attention

This tip is the simplest of them all. You know how your heater acts when it is working normally. If you notice that it is making unusual sounds or doing anything that is not normal for your furnace, call out a professional to check it out.

Tend to Your Furnace

Make sure that the area around your heater is clear of any debris or obstructions. Be sure not to push anything up against the furnace and ensure dirt or dust is not accumulating in it, as well.

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