Common Commercial AC Repairs In Summer

Regular commercial AC maintenance is vital to ensure your commercial setup offers a conducive working environment for your employees during the summer season. This helps boost employee productivity as well as morale to ensure operations run smoothly throughout the year. While a well-maintained AC system ensures employees stay comfortable during summer, it is no doubt that the system will require occasional repairs.

With that, here are three common commercial AC repairs you will likely need during summer.

Common Commercial AC Repairs In Summer


Refrigerant leaks are common commercial AC problems that may occur due to old parts or extreme conditions. Leaking refrigerant can result in low refrigerant levels, which will eventually affect cooling. And with commercial HVAC systems often installed on roofs, leaks are more likely to occur when compared to household ground AC units. Hence, correcting the problem on time is crucial to avoid straining your system or leading to blown condenser coils.


Cold air supply in a commercial setup relies on multiple ducts fitted throughout the building. These ducts have dampers that regulate and direct cool air to different rooms. Once you notice some rooms are warmer than others, it suggests poor air balance. Typically, the problem lies with the dampers that result in inadequate air flow to certain rooms in the building. Calling a commercial HVAC technician helps determine faulty dampers and balance them to ensure rooms are cooled simultaneously.


Several common commercial AC repairs revolve around malfunctioning thermostats. Although most people focus on the AC itself, the problem could be a faulty thermostat, in case the system stops working. The thermostat controls the entire system and can cause havoc if it fails. Besides, a defective thermostat can make the system work incorrectly or shut down unexpectedly. Repairing the thermostat can help solve the problem, but experts recommend replacing your existing thermostat with a programmable one.

If your commercial AC system is experiencing any of the above problems or needs other commercial AC repairs, Tri County Air Care professionals are here to help. Contact us to learn more today!