Helpful AC Repair Tips To Keep You Cool this Summer

With summer’s scorching sun, you need an air conditioning system that operates at its optimal levels to keep you and your family comfortable. But when the unit fails to function as required, the chances are that you may try to figure out what could be the issue. Here are some helpful AC repair tips to help you troubleshoot your cooling system and keep you cool this summer.

Helpful AC Repair Tips To Keep You Cool this Summer


Sometimes, you may turn on your air conditioner but hear no sound or feel any cooling. A range of issues might cause this problem. Before calling a technician, it is important to troubleshoot the system with the following steps;

  1. Switch the thermostat to OFF.
  2. Reset the circuit breaker.
  3. Wait for at least 25 minutes and turn the thermostat switch to COOL.

These steps should make your AC come back on, but if they don’t, call a professional to troubleshoot your unit.


An inefficient air conditioning unit consumes more energy as it cools your home. Calling a technician can help fix any problem. However, your AC isn’t always the problem, but the cool air might be leaking from gaps around your home.

Open windows and doors allow air-conditioned air to flow outdoors, making your unit run nonstop to reach the set temperatures. Consequently, this will drive your electricity bills up. Sealing these gaps and checking insulation levels in your home allows your AC to operate more efficiently and cut down your monthly utility bills.


Your thermostat regulates airflow into your home and plays a critical role in turning the system OFF, ON, and setting it to COOL. Hence, when your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working, the problem could be the thermostat. You can either replace the batteries or consider an upgrade of your thermostat.

Programmable and smart thermostats are ideal for such events. However, call an HVAC technician to help you choose the right thermostat compatible with your cooling system. If the problem isn’t the thermostat, the technician can troubleshoot to identify the issue.


Inadequate cooling and some rooms feeling warmer is a common problem experienced in many homes. Clogged filters are among the leading causes of not getting enough cooling in your home. In addition, direct sunlight into rooms can make them feel hotter than others. Cleaning air filters, closing blinds, and curtains, or planting trees and shrubs can help provide shade on your property.

If you still can’t find the problem, we here at Tri County Air Care can help you. We have highly trained, certified, and experienced HVAC technicians to keep your air conditioning system in perfect shape. Contact us and schedule an appointment with us today so you can stay cool this summer!