Summer HVAC Replacements

Summer Heat Waves vs the HVAC

Every summer the heat rises and the ACs hum into action. The hotter it gets, the harder your HVAC system must work to keep your home safely cool and comfortable. Of course, as an HVAC unit ages, it’s ability to keep up with the heat decrease. If your HVAC can’t keep the house cool anymore or requires constant repairs, then it may not be able to face another summer scorcher.

Fortunately, your home won’t be left without air. A rapid HVAC replacement can remove your old HVAC and install a new unit before your home reaches dangerous indoor temperatures.

Summer HVAC Replacements

Signs Your HVAC Can’t Handle This Summer

  • Can’t Reach the Thermostat Temp
  • Clicking On and Off
  • Banging or Scraping Sounds
  • Unusually Loud
  • Blowing Warm Air
  • Not Blowing Air at All
  • Needs Constant Repairs

Scheduling an HVAC Replacement

Call your local HVAC service to schedule an HVAC replacement. They will likely send a pro to inspect your unit and the utility space. Then you can choose a new unit that fits in the space and schedule your team for the replacement service.

Removing the Old Unit

When the team arrives, they will first uninstall and remove your old HVAC. This leaves the space empty for the new HVAC.

Installing Your New HVAC

Then your new HVAC unit is brought in and installed in the same place. This all takes place within just a few hours, including testing to ensure your home is once again cycling cold, filtered air.

Tri County Air Care

Our team here at Tri County Air is proud to bring you high quality HVAC services including HVAC replacement when your unit can’t get you through another summer. If your AC can’t keep up or breaks in the heat of summer, call us and we’ll quickly have a new unit installed in your home.