How to Make Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Air conditioners often last approximately one to two decades. There are at least seven effective ways to save time and cut costs by extending the lifespan of this equipment:

1. Seal and insulate your home to keep hot air outside. You could install double-paned windows as well. Your system won’t have to run as often and parts won’t wear out as quickly. These improvements also reduce interior noise levels.

2. Supplement your A/C with other cooling equipment. For example, you can use ceiling or window fans if you only need to circulate air rather than refrigerating it.

3. Increase the thermostat setting when possible. You could turn it up on a cool night and open the windows. Do the same when you leave the house for more than 45 minutes. This will help you save money on repairs, filters and electricity.

4. If you don’t often remember to make the above-mentioned changes, think about installing a smart or programmable thermostat. This device can automatically adjust the temperature throughout each day.

5. Examine all of the A/C system’s vents and confirm that nothing has blocked them. If you find anything, remove the objects and remind family members to avoid this mistake. Air conditioners always benefit from unimpeded airflow.

6. Maintain your equipment regularly throughout the cooling season. Don’t forget to clean the filters. It’s also wise to schedule a yearly inspection and tuneup.

7. Examine your home’s ductwork to see if it needs cleaning. When a duct contains excess grime and detritus, it reduces airflow and causes filters to become dirty more quickly. Cleaning can improve indoor air quality.

Basically, your air conditioner will last longer when you thoroughly maintain it and avoid using it more than necessary. Please contact us if you need professional A/C service or cleaning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.