Signs Your AC Needs a Repair Before the Summer

The temperature is increasing as we approach summer. Even though the summer is generally more enjoyable than winter, most people still need to rely on their AC to feel comfortable on a hot day. Making sure your AC is at its best condition before the season comes ensures that you won’t have to spend days without air conditioning while waiting for your unit to get repaired.

Energy Star also found out that by using the latest HVAC technology, consumers can save as much as 20% on their electricity bills. Given that we consume a huge amount of electricity in the summer, it pays to tend to your AC system now. Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate your AC needs a repair.

Signs Your AC Needs a Repair Before the Summer

The Water Is Leaking

In a properly installed AC system, the moisture should be flushed through the drain lines. If drops of water fall down on the floor when your AC is running, there is usually a problem with the system.

Strange Sounds

Do you hear strange sounds coming from the aircon when it’s running? A healthy AC should run smoothly without any noticeable noise. When you start to hear noises, contact your HVAC service as soon as possible. It may be a sign of a leak or bad fan motor belt.

You Are Not Getting Enough Cool Air

Many times the problem starts when people don’t feel cool enough no matter how low they turn the temperature on the thermostat. When you find yourself keeping the AC temperature at its lowest level, yet you are still sweating, there may be a serious problem preventing the AC from cooling the house. Only by calling an experienced AC repair service can you resolve it.

The sooner you act when detecting a problem, the better. Contact our AC repair service  and an experienced HVAC expert will help get your AC system back in its best shape again!