Heating Repair Experts Discuss Fall Heating Issues

Heating Repair Experts Discuss Heating Issues In Fall

Did you know that the first day of fall came and went on September 23? Although it is still warm and comfortable, the cold weather is starting to creep in. Our heating repair & installation specialists are fielding more and more calls that deal with furnace tune-ups, heat pump questions and requests for quotes on a ductless/mini split system installation. Is this really a good time to be thinking about heating? The answer is yes.

AC Repair Requests are Tapering Off

Your neighbors are using their air conditioning systems less and less. We have handled their AC repair problems, and our technicians are now free to tackle any heating maintenance, repair and installation requests they have. If this includes you, now is a great time to evaluate your system.

Heating System Checklist

  • Furnace tune-up. If you have shut off your heater during summer, call our technicians to tune up your system before you turn it back on. During this time, we also remove debris, cobwebs and dust that may have accumulated around the burners.
  • Filter changes. Our technicians routinely work with renters and homeowners who want to learn how to select the right filter and self-install it.
  • Heater sizing. Does your unit keep up with the demand of your family? Is it too small? We can help you make this determination and investigate units that might meet your needs better.
  • Efficiency. How old is your heating system? Depending on its age and year of installation, there is a good chance that a new heater is more efficient and far less expensive to operate.

The professionals at Tri County Heat & Air understand that the change of the seasons brings with it a change of focus for homeowners looking to stay comfortable. Contact us today for more information on our heating repair & installation services as well as any other HVAC questions you have.