How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is On Its Last Leg

You know your air conditioner is getting old, and older appliances have a way of just dying suddenly on us. However, when it comes to air conditioners, you can kind of predict that it is just not going to function someday soon. There are signs you can look out for in your old air conditioning unit to know it is on its last leg so you can plan to purchase a replacement.

How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is On Its Last Legs

Constant Start Up

If your air conditioner seems to be kicking on more than normal, it could be something that can be fixed with a tune up. However, it could also be because it is struggling to meet your cooling needs with a system that is no longer working optimally. If you don’t notice it starting up more frequently, you definitely won’t miss the increase in energy costs that come with it.

Drop in Airflow

You can always spot a new or even well-maintained air conditioner because the air feels so powerful when it is pumped in. However, airflow will be less forceful in older air conditioners and is usually indicative of a problem. Furthermore, the air may not be as cool as you are used to either.

More Frequent Repair

With yearly maintenance, you should only have to make air conditioner repairs once every few years unless you are very unlucky. However, like any appliance, problems get compounded by age. So if you are finding yourself having to call a repair technician every year to fix a new problem, it is a sure sign your air conditioner is dying. Eventually it becomes more cost effective just to get a new one.

Is your air conditioner not cooling as well as it used to? Are rooms uneven temperature? Is the air less forceful? These can all be signs of an old air conditioner, but they can also be signs that you simply need the right repair made. If you are having air conditioner issues of any kind, contact us today to see what Tri County Air Care can do for you.